support offers young people from the age of eighteen for whom paid work is not (yet) a realistic goal, a learning-working trajectory at a workshop and ship with the aim of developing social, social and work skills.

The young people learn to cooperate, self-reliance, deal with adversity and value themselves. They are trained as a boat mate, sailor or craftsman / woman and can obtain recognized certificates for this.

After a well-run trajectory at the workshop and sufficient sailing and working hours on one of De Wilde Vaart’s ships, young people continue to work experience on an affiliated company ship or nautical company. They have made a commitment with a dozen classic sailing ships and inland vessels. They offer their ship for small maintenance or for the placement of young people on their ship.

Of course we have supported this good project with our fenders, the Polyform HD series, this heavy duty fender is used for inland shipping and offshore. These fenders can take a lot!