Polyform AS was established in 1955 and was the first company in the world to produce inflatable, all-plastic net buoys and fenders. From 1970 and into the 1980s. Polyform developed the first, partly automated machines for roto- molding, particularly for the Polyform net buoys.
Machines based on this concept have over the years undergone several improvements and lately the concept was updated to in-corporate one of the newest in-house technologies: Welcotec (“welding control technology).

Polyform AS is the leading manufacturer in its field. The company is registered in Norway and situated in Ålesund at the north-western coast of Norway, and benefits from being located in one of the world’s most innovative maritime environments. The total number of employees is presently 50.

In 1990 Polyform AS bought another Norwegian company, Scanmarin AS. This was the world s first company to produce and commercialize purse seine floats, at first by expansion of PVC plastics. The raw material has since been replaced by BACELL, an in-house developed, EVA-based material, which is in use today still.

At the turn of the millennium Polyform AS finalized the world s first -and so far only – fully automated machinery for the production of cylindrical fenders: Polymatiq was born. The Polymatiq machine (and corresponding technology) is epoch-making to a degree that protection by national-and international patents have been applied for and been granted.

In 2009 Polyform AS acquired the production equipment and distribution for Big-Buoys. The wide range of large buoys and pontoon floats that are roto -molded from polyethylene, are now marketed under the Polyform®. trademark. The majority of this very extensive range of products is made puncture free by filling with polystyrene or polyurethane foam.

Vision: In order to be leading, our company shall be a reference for other manufacturers within our line of business. This with regard to protecting the environment, quality, logistics, design and production technologies. It is our aim to maintain a healthy economy, to be among the largest and to be a prominent and attractive company for our owners and employees.

In order for our products to be the preferred, our customers must choose to distribute our products and trademarks in preference to competing products.

Values: Trustworthy – Enthusiastic -Honest

In order to be the preferred supplier within its field of business, Polyform AS has to emphasize on progress by continuous development.

Through a well-established net of distributors, the products are sold all over the world under the trademark Polyform®. In addition to the extensive range of standard products, Polyform AS can also offer custom-made solutions and private-label products.