Since 1998, AERE have provided “practical technology”  products to our customers.
Their original corporate name, PRAKTEK, was designed to recognize our search and development of practical technolgy products.
Over the years, we have grown our company and our product selection to include a full range of marine solutions for any size vessel.

 In 2014, they changed our corporate name to AERÉ Marine Group to reflect these changes.  However, they are still a family-owned and operated business with the personal touch.

 We are proud of our long-term relationships with our international network of dealers and thousands of satisfied boat owners.


AERE Inflatable Fenders first developed a lightweight foul for Superjacht construction. There are more than 40 types and sizes and to protect any type of ship: recreational, commercial or military ships.

Inflatable (Jetski) Docks and Platforms and flat fenders also belong to their specialty. The big advantage of all these inflatable products is the light weight and they take up much less space in storage, and even running out is a piece of a cake.

The AERE fenders are glued with 3-7 layers and also welded, and it is also possible to add an extra layer of the same material.

We have delivered these AERE fenders to Dutch Superjacht Superyacht builders:  These Superjacht builders are only for quality. In 2014, we also delivered these fenders to the Swedish Navy.

The AERE products also include the Fenda-Sox Fender Covers, and the new Neopreen Covers, these are produced for all fender product lines at the Aere factory in South Florida.