Ocean Clean-up

Polyform are proud contributors of “The Ocean Cleanup Program” and “Hold Norge Rent” which cleans up debris from the oceans and shorelines. Donate today to support a good cause and keep our oceans clean. Incidentally, this project was started by Delft aerospace engineering student Boyan Slat (19), who has developed a concept that enables the 7,250,000 tons of plastic waste to be disposed of in the world’s oceans.


Mets 14-16 Nov.

Mets Trade 14-16th of Nov in Amsterdam

Polyform Norway

Our manufacturers are on the METS:Polyform A.S. Norway 12.281: inventor of modern buoy and fenders. They have new modular subsea buoy systems, buoyancy of 100 ltr, which you can built-up to more volume and for use under water on depth.

Megafend Mooring products

They are on the Superyacht Pavilion 11.100, they have polyurethane inflatables now: stronger then strong: for Superyacht > 80 mtr, Navy, Commercial Ships.

Plastex Matting

Plastex Matting will be on 12.542, all sort of floor and protection solutions, like heronrib – floorline – vynagrip, slip-resistance, anti-fatigue, anti-microbial.
NEW: Floorline is now also anti-microbial, so also good in kitchens and storage of food.

Aere docking solutions

Will be on 12.607 of the  USA-NMMA-stand, they have their unique inflatable workplatform and flat fenders